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Their After Founder Ben talks about what led to the decision to help others say the unsaid, before it’s too late.

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Why Their After?

In 2017 I lost my younger brother Tom suddenly and without warning. My brother Tom was fiercely independent and loyal, lighting up the room with his distinct laugh.


Anyone who has ever experienced sudden loss like this will know how painful it is, and how just hearing their voice again would be worth all the money in the world.

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This same feeling occurred when a couple of years later, my younger sister Sarah died of cancer. She was a strong, caring and loving woman and was planning to be a nurse. Within a similar time frame, my Granny died. Her death wasn’t so sudden but as she suffered with Dementia, she wasn’t the same as we remembered her from our childhood.

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Love insurance

This is where Their After comes into it. Hearing their voices again, sharing those memories together and making it a little easier for those who are left.


Their After is not about making sure your estates in order, it’s about ensuring that if anything happened to you that the most important people in your life will know just how important they were to you.

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No matter where you are in life, never leave anything unsaid…

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